Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday soup

There is little that is as satisfying as the moment all the flavors come together harmoniously in something I am cooking. Last night I roasted a chicken with some tarragon, lemon and some garlic inside. Today I discarded those flavorings and tossed the bony remains into a pot, covered them with water and added a half of a medium onion and some sea salt. As the broth cooked the tarragon flavor became very bossy, demanding alot of attention.

After chilling, straining and de-greasing the broth, I assembled the soup: a little celery, diced small. the chicken meat, some carrot slivers, and a good amount of sliced baby portabellas. I plucked a few woody stems of thyme and I added a generous grinding of black pepper and a sploosh of sauvignon blanc. After awhile I tasted. I added more salt. The flavors were balanced: It was rich and delicious. The tarragon had taken a step back and had allowed the other flavors to emerge. Nice tarragon, playing well with others.

At the end, I added one third of a cup of Israeli couscous. I'd intended to use rice and was disappointed to find none around. But, the big pearly couscous added a good texture and contrast to the small veg and meat pieces.

A good soup.

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dkm said...

Here's to a sploosh of sav blanc!

Your soup sounds divine!