Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Tomato in Winter

If you do not find picture below inspiring, I guarantee that if you take the time to roast some whole canned tomatoes, inspiration will find you.

Used whole along side winter vegetables such as chard or kale, these beauties impart a burst of summer.  Chop a few and fold into an omelet.  Mash a couple and spread on some good toast. If you eat meat, these would be fabulous with a steak. You get the idea. Their jammy sweet yet savory flavor is just the thing for winter when you are longing for a taste of summer.

 I suggest you start with at least two 28 oz. cans whole tomatoes. They shrink as they roast.  Prepare the tomatoes by draining the juice from the can and stabbing each tomato with a small knife. Make a slit large enough so that when you apply pressure, the juice inside comes out. I do this in my sink. Preheat oven to 275. Set rack in the middle of oven.

Put the squeezed tomatoes in a bowl and add some olive oil, enough to coat each one. Place in an oiled ceramic or glass dish, leaving space between them. Chop some onion, or some garlic, sprinkle on the oiled tomatoes. You could place some fresh rosemary or thyme springs under them.

Roast in oven 3-4 hours. Check occasionally. It could take less time.  Remove from oven when they have nearly collapsed and have some blackish edges. Sprinkle with coarse kosher or sea salt.

These store well in the fridge. But they won’t last long because you will love them.