Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Neglect and a new start

I have been quite remiss in not posting many of the cooking adventures I've had since late last year. I had such strong opinions about holiday food! I'll gather these thoughts and share as we get closer to the holidays this year. Anyway, it is now summer and the garden is starting to do good things for us.

I tried a new zucchini in our garden this year: Tender Grey. The seed came from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in Va. Their heirloom varieties are well tested in our hot, humid South, and the catalog is great fun to read, as well being very informative. My zucchinis are coming in nicely. I had bought some good looking Brandywine tomatoes from our local Sat. farmer’s market.

It seemed right to put them together. In an oiled gratin pan, I layered them with a little chopped basil and some finely chopped garlic. I added a couple of finely sliced shallots as well. I topped with some panko dotted with very good butter and grated fresh parmigiano reggiano over the whole thing. Baked in oven at 350 until bubbly and brown.

I did not take a picture when it came out of oven, but here it is: left over from our dinner with friends. I wish you could smell it. Even cold it is redolent with garden goodness.


dkm said...

It's not your recipes so much as it is your descriptions of your ingredients that positively make my mouth water!

Who knew some "very good butter" could sound so divine? Or "good looking tomatoes."

You are obviously a cook who relishes the qualities of fresh delectable ingredients--and YOU could have written a book on the joy of cooking, if only someone hadn't beaten you to it.

Deb Duchon said...

Are you the ELlen Herbert I know from Woodlands?
Deb Duchon