Friday, August 21, 2009

Late summer blues...

So tomatoes and zucchini and tomatoes and zucchini.. we definitely need a fresh flavor profile if we are to continue to enjoy eating from our well ripened summer garden.
I browned some well salted boneless , skinless chicken thighs. Cut up you-know-what and used the tomato juicy-ness to scrape up the good bits of brown in the pot. Mashed up several garlic cloves (does this sound familiar?) and threw into the pot. Added a half of a nice jalapeno and a little dry while wine. But wait. This time: No Basil !!!
I added a bit of cumin, a little coriander and a small pinch of curry. And cooked some of that lovely pearly Israeli couscous and dumped it in the pot. And around 10 or so small green olives, cut up. And a handful of fresh oregano, well chopped up.
Slow cooked for a while.. sort of a soupy stewy thing.

Real good.