Thursday, August 6, 2009

a better breakfast

I was poaching chicken breasts early this morning because I've been hungry alot from not eating enough lean protein.

After my cantaloupe, I decided to have a poached egg, and saw all that lovely chicken breast poaching broth. Hmmmm, why not cook the egg in that broth? I was not adding vinegar to the broth so I had to figure out a way to support the egg while the exterior firmed up enough to not break up while it cooked. (It helps that our eggs are fresh from our chickens). I used a soup ladle to support the egg while it cooked for a minute or two, then gently tipped the egg out to swim in the hot winey, celery-full, onion-y poaching broth.

I remembered some lovely arugula in the fridge and poured some broth over that in the bowl, then added the poached egg.

It was quite good!

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