Saturday, August 8, 2009

big zuke

uh oh.. a zucchini hid under the leaves of the plant and it is massive. Not quite torpedo, but almost. Just seeing it takes me back to living in the house in Maine with my friends in the early 70's.. we gardened all summer and ate zucchini stuffed with brown rice and sauteed veg's . This was way back before we knew to harvest our squashes while they were young like we were!
Well tonight I will stuff this big guy, but not with rice. I have some leftover couscous, and a little basil turkey sausage, and some fresh garlic, a little onion, a bit of garden tomato, and one half the diced zucchini scooped from the split squash. I'll saute all these things, stuff into zucchini shell and add a handful of chopped basil and oregano, a splash of white wine and top with good grated parmigiano reggiano. Bake at 350 til tender, covered for awhile with foil, then remove for the last 10 minutes when you add the parm.Toast some pine nuts, sprinkle on top.

Hearty but not heavy.

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