Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election eve quick supper

Last night we were very tired and it was getting late. I opened a package of mezzaluna ravioli and made a wilted spinach mixture while the pasta water heated to a boil. I chopped some onion and nearly caramelized it in some olive oil, added about 8 handfuls of chopped baby spinach , a splash of red wine, around 4 smashed and chopped cloves of garlic, a handful of raisins, and a heavy sprinkling of dried red pepper.  All this cooked fragrantly as the mezzaluna bubbled happily in their pot. I browned a handful of pine nuts. After the pasta was drained and resting on a little butter in its bowls, I topped with the spinach mixture, the pine nuts  and some shavings of romano cheese.

We were very happy with this simple dinner on election eve. 

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Brian and Wesley said...

Someday when my kids are all grown up, I'll think of a dish like this as "simple". In my current state, that would have taken me 4 hours to prepare! Sounds yummy.