Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Ribs

The Super Bowl was coming. And so were three friends. We are not even close to what one would call real fans, we are interested observers of cultural phenomena and we love the half time shows, the ads and the excitement of the BIG games. Our younger family members are genuine fans, and we support their teams. But even though we are not avid sports fans…we are avid eaters.

Sunday’s event seemed to be calling for ribs. Here is what I did about that.

I rubbed the racks of pork back ribs with a mixture of chopped garlic, hot and sweet pîmenton and kosher salt.
I let these rest, tightly covered, in the fridge for two days.

Then I baked them at 300 degrees in a foil-lined pan, completely sealed, for two and a half hours. Then I uncovered them, let them cool and put them in a large ziplock bag in the fridge ‘til I was ready to heat up for eating. I really tried to hold onto as much moisture as I could.

I made sauce: some low-sugar ketchup, some cider vinegar, more chopped garlic, some soy sauce and a bit of dark molasses. On game day, this was spread over the ribs in a foil-lined pan, covered in foil and warmed at 250 ‘til they were hot.
I heated the remainder of the sauce and served it along side the cut up ribs.

I served this with slaw with toasted mustard and caraway seed dressing and big dishtowels as napkins.

Our guests went crazy for these!


Rick said...

Your husband loved 'em too.
Best ribs I ever ate.

dkm said...

I predict the sports fan in this house will too----will let you know---

dkm said...

girl, you did some impressive thinking ahead, for not a sports fan.

what the heck is pimenton and where does one find it?

Ellen said...

Deb, it is Spanish smoked paprika. It comes in sweet or hot. Be very careful with hot. It is a good thing to have in your larder, as it adds a touch of smokinees. You can get it at Dekalb FM.