Monday, August 23, 2010

Bird Tomato Soup

The cardinals were very interested in our heirloom tomatoes this year and many of these lovelies were damaged or split. No matter. I cut out the bird pecked spots and enjoyed each one as it ripened in all its deep flavored gloriousity.

Tonight I use several previously cut Mortgage Lifters and a few split Black Plums as well as two really damaged Cherokee Purples to make a soup for the mezza luna ravioli we had.

I softened about 1/4 C of sliced onion and a few leek bits in some olive oil. Then I added my cut up tomato pieces, a couple of cloves of chopped garlic and around a cup of filtered water and some kosher salt and let it cook on medium heat til the tomatoes were soft. When I tasted it, I added a T of honey, to temper the acidic tomatoes.

I cooled this stuff, then put it in the blender, then strained out the shards of skin and seeds. I reheated while the mezza luna cooked. Before I served it, I added a chiffonade of basil. At my house, freshly grated parmesan is essential, but I think it is fine without.

We had room temparature roasted eggplant slices in a mustard vinaigrette and some homemade bread with this.


anne said...

Sounds deeelishh!! It's so hot here that I've just been eating my heirlooms with fresh mozz, basil, evoo, balsamic, s&p and some great local baguette. I haven't cooked in 4 days!!

dkm said...

Thank goodness! I thought for a second, when first I began reading, that you meant you put a cardinal in your soup.

Deb Duchon said...

That recipe is worth saving -- it looks fabulous! I'm having so many problems with my tomatoes this year -- critters, disease, and fungus. The whole shebang. But I'm still getting plenty of edible fruit. My slow cooker has been occupied making tomato sauce. I used a batch to make eggplant parmesan this weekend. Yum!