Saturday, September 27, 2008

putting food by...

I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to actually can stuff. In the 
past few years, I'd moved from canning to freezing. Freezing is efficient and pretty easy. 

Canning requires time and planning and... gear. 

In our family, there is a goofy tale my husband created for his girls when they were small: The Lonesome Doorknob
It was based on a doorknob someone found that had been lying around undiscovered for many years. Surely my canning pot had achieved Lonesome Canning Pot designation, after languishing unnoticed and unappreciated for over ten years in our garage.

Anyway, I had a really good recipe from Alice Waters for a tomato sauce that I'd modified somewhat. And I'd already used up the batch I'd made and frozen earlier this summer. As I was thinking about making more, I decided it was so good I would give it as gifts this Christmas, which meant canning, not freezing.

Well I had to buy jars, I'd recycled my old collection. And scrubbing the canner, first empying out several dead crickets.

 This morning I actually got to the canning part. I'd made the puree (which this really is, rather than a sauce) yesterday : 30 pounds of good tomatoes,  some onion, and a ton of fresh garlic.

Oh the joy of the thunk of the jar lids and they start to cool after their boiling water bath! 
Oh the glistening jars, lined up on the cooling rack.
I've captured summer in a jar!

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Brian and Wesley said...

I'm glad the Lonesome Canning Machine has found love again. And thank you for taking the crickets out beforehand. ;) Yum!